Reproductive Services

Mare management | Foaling management

Mare reproductive management

$250 per cycle + vet costs

Our experienced manager can assist you in the breeding of your mare on-site.  Whether through artificial insemination (fresh or frozen) or local live cover, we can work with our veterinarian to get your mare in foal. 

The management fee includes:

  • Consultation on stud farm agreements
  • Preparation for breeding
  • Administering hormone treatments
  • Arranging for and meeting with the veterinarian for ultrasound exams
  • Receiving of semen or assisting transport of mare to breeding shed (hauling fees apply)
  • Arranging for post-breeding exams, pregnancy checks, etc.

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Foaling management

$400 Foaling Fee
$16/day dry board
$21/day wet board

Our experienced manager can assist you in the foaling of your mare on-site.  Your mare will be monitored closely as her foaling date approaches in a large, straw-bedded stall cleaned twice daily.  Mare will be monitored by video camera in our home.

Boston and Zephyr

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This page was last updated Oct 21, 2018.